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Silvia C.

I love my Bee New product.  I can use it every day and it doesn’t dry my skin out. It has helped remove the daily dead skin build up with lightening any of my previous scarring.


I use this every day and has helped my skin so much!

Stephanie C

I love my Bee Clean facial. My pores are smaller, blackheads are gone, and my skin is brightened!

Crystal B

I just had my first Brazilian wax. I did not tear or hurt like I was made to believe by all my friends. I was so comfortable and was in and out with in 30 minutes. This is the greatest place I have ever been!

Kristie T

I love getting my brows waxed and tinted here. The shape is defined and the color stays on for two weeks. It truly helps distinguish my brows now.

Carla Z

Bee Fresh cleanser is my fav! It’s pink and pretty, foams up, and spreads so evenly. It helps clean my pores and dirt on my face. I love that it is organic!

Rubi Serrentino

I’ve been on these products for about two weeks now and absolutely love them. My skin is clean, clear, and fresh.

Emily Root

I love my Bee Vital. The skin on my face use to be really red and dry. After a few uses of Bee Vital, there was noticeable difference in my skin. My face feels smoother and the redness has reduced significantly. My skin also feels refreshed and brighter.

Leanna Cook

I absolutely love ALL of these products!! The Bee Clear is AMAZING!

Candy Marshall

I love that this moisturizer Bee Cool is all natural! I only have to use a small amount and it keeps my skin soft all day. Also my skin is very sensitive but this product is so wonderful. It helps control my breakouts and oily skin issues. I will not use any other facial moisturizing products.

Danielle Armstrong

My son has super bad allergies, causing rashes. I have tried everything under the sun to give him relief. Bee Cool is our Godsend. Truly! He even calls it “magic cream” it is amazing stuff. You will love it.

Ashley Oshinsky

Love everything about this company. They have such a wonderful group of women here. I come here for waxing, eyelash extensions and facials. Great work ladies!!!


I started using Bee Clear, as well as the bee sugared and bee relieved and it has helped my skin tremendously. After using it for a few weeks my best friend noticed and he started using it as well. His face was covered in acne, and within 3 weeks of using it regularly his face completely cleared up with no scarring. He moved out of state and still calls me whenever he’s low to send him more! I highly recommend trying this out!


My sensitive dry skin has been transformed using these amazing skincare products! I’ve always struggled to find products that moisturize enough without clogging my pores and causing breakouts. These products are the answer I’ve been looking for. I use several products and have fallen in love with each one!

Denisha Williams

Bee Waxed Cosmetics is the best place to service your beauty needs from eye brow waxing to facial cosmetics. I have been a loyal customer for over 23 years. I recommend this business to care for your beauty needs!

Bianca garcia

I really love the bee sugared exfoliant, it’s really great for your skin. It leaves it really nice and soft.


my fiance got her eyebrows microbladed and she loved them so much! I loved them and how natural looking they were. I’ve seen microblading done but not like that! I made an appointment and absolutely love the way they look. I just have to go back for a touch-up and they’ll be perfectttt. Thanks Bee Waxed!


My eyebrows have always been a mess. I have large and in charge brows that needed to be filled in and fixed. I already come to the salon for them and one of the girls told me about this service and highly suggested it. I did it and I love them! I am sooo thankful and happy.


Microblading has changed my entire life! I lovee it. My eyebrows always look good now and I don’t need to do much to them besides come in here and now to get them tamed from the girls! lOVE THEM


I never thought I would get Microblading done because I thought it was going to be hard to keep up with but in fact, it’s the complete opposite. I went in and talked the girls about doing it and I was sold within minutes. I used to hate not wearing makeup because I hated my eyebrows and it didn’t look right on my face. I finally can leave my house with little to no makeup and in confidence because my eyebrows are on fleek.


I got Microblading done for the first time! I love it so much! My eyebrows look awesome. It’s so much easier for me to do my makeup and takes half the time now because my eyebrows are already filled! I was so afraid I would be in a lot of pain and fortunately I didn’t even feel anything!

Carolyn B

I love the eye cream! It has definitely brightened up my very dark circles! Great services at this store, too!

Ashley Brown

I started to experience an excessive amount of hormonal acne. I recently came into Bees wax to have my eyebrows done & was offered to try the Bee Clear & Bee Clean sample. I Started using the products and instantly seen a change in my breakouts. My next eyebrow appointment I purchased the products and have no longer experience new breakouts,also it makes my skincare completely CLEAN!!! I WOULDN’T try another product ever!!! -Ashley B


all I can say is……..BROWS ON FLEEEKKKK


I won’t let anyone else in this world touch my eyebrows again. Thank you ladies for taking your time and being patient with me


I came in and got a body wax here because I hate hair. Great service, people, and it felt nice. I actually didn’t cry this time.


Came in to get a body wax before my honeymoon and let me just say I cannot believe how amazing it looks. I mean they not only took their time but they MADE sure I was comfortable and satisfied.


I absolutely will be back for another bikini here. It’s so clean and they make sure you’re not in pain either!


I got a bikini/Brazilian wax and it didn’t even hurt. I felt so fresh and clean after. Greatest place to get it done!


Strip lashes are so convenient I LOVE them


Strip lashes are so nice. Will be back for other products and services


My mink extensions are so awesome. Everyone’s asking where I got them done.


Love my lash extensions. They make me look so good and they look so real.


Lash tinting for life!!! Best service and even better tinted lashes =)


Love my lash tints! Makes me face brighter and I feel more confident


The keratin lash lift is the best thing i’ve ever done


My keratin lash lift has changed my life forever


Loveeeee my individual lashes!! They stay on amazing and look even better. My friends say I look GREAT! Thank you Bee Waxed!!!!


I have a ton of events coming up and didn’t want to pay to get lashes every-time. I got the individual lashes and I love them! They stay on great and save me money too. I’ll tell everyone about them.


I get brow tinting here and will never go anywhere else


I never even knew there was something to help my brows look darker! Brow tinting has changed my life and especially at this salon. I feel so welcomed


Love the microneedling treatments I get here! And I love the people here as well. Great service


So I keep coming in for the microneedling treatments, I was so worried I wouldn’t really see a difference but my ski is transforming and I can’t get enough. I told all my friends and now they wanna try it


I can’t believe how affordable and great the bee scrubbed facial was. I can’t wait to take my wife here so she can experience the greatness and we can talk about it after.


I got the bee peeled facial last week and I loved it. I can’t stay away I want more!!!


I broke my chin as a kid and have a lot of scarring. I frequently started to get the bee peeled facial to see if it can make a difference. it surely has and I keep returning for me! You can’t keep me away


Finally a facial to keep your skin hydrated!!! Bee Hydrated facial is soooo beautiful on my skin. I will return and even bring my friends


I am becoming so old so I wanted to try out a facial and see if it will change my skin. Great service and i’m so satisfied with it! I was so relaXED I almost fell asleep. I love the bee firm facial


Great facial and so relaxing


I got the Bee Clear facial for my acne and loved it. My wife insisted on it because she said I was breaking out too much so I took it upon myself and went in for a facial. Love the results and now my wife loves me even more!!


I got this facial because of my clogged pores. It has improved my skin so much and my makeup went on so smoothly after a few days of not wearing any.


Great bee clean facial. I will return


I have a lot of dead skin cells and gave the bee clean facial a shot. It was such a good and relaxing experience. My skin felt so good after and I loved it.


This facial has truly helped my skin reach it’s best. I got it with my wife as a gift from someone and I return for more every so often


I got a bee calm facial because I have really sensitive skin. All I can say is WOW. Amazing after affects and so refreshing!


I started to use bee new and I already feel a difference on my skin. love it


Love bee masked! so awesome to use


Coolest bottles! My kids love them for on the go


Bee gentle is the best eye cream ever! And so affordable it’s awesome


Bee Fresh is my number one go-to cleanser! I’ve been using it for a year now and I love it


I started breaking out everywhere and thought it was hives. I went to the dermo and they told me it was something else. They prescribed me ointment and it wasn’t working at all. I told my mom and she told me try her product called bee cool. I put it on my rash and it instantly felt like it was healing it. My rash went away from this and I wasn’t even harming my skin. I ended up buying my own just incase this happens again.


After I shave my beard I get a lot of ingrowns and sometimes even cut myself. I purchased bee clear and bee relieved! I use the bee clear after I shave and it works wonders. I use the bee relieved after I shave as well, but when I cut myself it’s great for the skin. I get scared using over the counter creams especially on my face because I don’t know what’s in it. This stuff is great and all natural


I have really sensitive skin and I keep breaking out. My girlfriend let me try her bee clean product and I felt a difference right away. My skin feels so smooth and clean I ordered myself this product!


I have been so stressed out at work, my wife gets so annoyed when I come home. She told me there’s a product at the salon she goes to that’s supposed to help. I didn’t believe her and thought that wasn’t possible. She came home yesterday with Bee Calm and it’s helped me a TON!!! And it’s awesome for the skin too. Thanks guys!!


Bee bright does exactly what it’s supposed to for the face. I love this product


The TRIO KIT is so awesome! I even bring it with me everywhere I go just incase =)


LOVE the trio kit! It’s my all-time favorite and it’s so convenient for travel as well instead of packing different brands of items I bring this and love the convenience of it!


I use Bee Vital two times a day and i love how nice it makes my skin feel. Highly recommend to everyone


I use this every morning and night especially before putting on sun screen (as it preps the skin) I love this product so much and it has helped my skin look so young and fresh!


Love love love bee sugared!! It really preps my skin for before I shave and leaves it looking flawless.


I use bee sugared in my shower before I shave and it leaves my skin glowing, soft and helps prep me to shave so much better!


I’ll take ten bee scrubbed please!!!!!


I have been searching for a great scrub to use and couldn’t find one i really liked. The girls at the salon suggested I try Bee Scrubbed and I fell in love!! My skin is so soft the next day it’s insane.


Love this toner! I’ll be back for more =)


I’ve been looking for a great alcohol-free toner. I have combo skin that’s also sensitive and this really helped me. I’ll be buying a bunch!


I loveeee using this product in my routine. It works greater than any toner i’ve used!


Thank you to Bee replenished my skin is has improved so much


I saw the salon on my way home one day and stopped in. I got information on services i’m interested in. I had some cuts from falling the day before and one of the girls insisted on trying bee relieved on me instead of other healing creams. I ended up going back a few days later to purchase it because I loved it so much!


I use this toner every single night! MY SKIN FEELS AMAZING AND LOOKS EVEN BETTER


I come to the salon every other week for different services. I bought Bee radiant and it left my skin glowing! I have been using it for my “no makeup, makeup” look and it has made a huge difference on my skin! Everyone is asking what i’m using.


I have the bee pure toner and I love it so much. I have oily skin and breakout often so this dries out my acne as well as helps with how oily my skin is!

Naomi Hardison

Bee Waxed is awesome… I’ve been coming here for years, and all of their cosmetics/ waxing is amazing!

Brianna Maldonado

I bought bee clean and new cool and it absolutely cleared up my face and controlled my oily skin. I love it!


This toner is awesome. It has dried out all my acne and restores my skin. I’ll never stop using this product for as long as I live


I love bee protected. I prefer it over any other sun protection product! Good for all year around




BEST BIKINI WAX EVER. It didn’t even hurt and i’m always so scared of getting waxed!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY MINK EXTENSIONS!!!! I’ll be coming back for sure.


I use Bee Nourished in my everyday and every night regimin. I use it with the other skincare products I have so I can get the full affect and it has helped my skin so much. Sticking to all the same brand is lovely and so convenient!


Bee New has helped me so much. It’s improved my face and has helped my acne a ton.


Bee Masked has helped me with wrinkles. I started to using this product religiously and I am in love with it.


I LOVE THESE BOTTLES!!!! I love them so much. They’re awesome for being on the go. I started to wash them and fill them up and put them in the fridge for me and my children. These are so convenient and even save me money from buying water bottles all the time. SO AWESOME


I needed a good eye cream that wasn’t going to be so expensive! I purchased this one because one of my good friends suggested it and it has worked wonders. The vitamins inside the product help my morning (tired) eyes to look more alive! God bless this product


I have really sensitive skin! So I started to use this cleanser because the other ones I was buying don’t do much for me and I break out after using them. I’m very picky about the products I use because I like to know what’s in them. This cleanser doesn’t just cleanse my skin but it helps keep it moisturized as well.


I am a true believer in Bee cool!! I started to use this over cortisone cream because I don’t like putting things that aren’t natural and organic on my skin. I love it and love knowing it’s good for the skin! I even use it on my kids because it’s so safe!


I have been going to the store for years! I get my eyebrows waxed from there and I was talking to them about getting ingrown hairs after I shave and they suggested to use bee clear for my ingrown hairs. I started using it and it has helped so much after I shave. I just put a little on my hands and massage where the ingrown hairs are and It has made such a big difference!!!!


I have been using the bee clean as my face wash and i love it! I don’t think i’m going to go back to the old cleanser I was using after this!!!!


The name bee calm itself just explains to you what it does for me. I have anxiety and it really stresses me out so I’ve been using this every night before bed and it’s made a huge difference for me.


Bee Bright has changed my life! I love the way it feels on my face and how much it actually does for me. The essential oils in it really help with my acne and I couldn’t be happier!


It’s been two months using Bee Calm and I love it my skin looks better than ever and the girls are so sweet I recommend 100%


I can see the difference it has made with my breakouts! Fast results

Chris A.

Bee Clean cleanser works so well for my acne. It is so soothing and glides on my face so easy. It removes all the dirt and does not burn.

Meredith Deighton

Their products are AMAZING! Changed my entire skin care routine and I couldn’t be happjwe! I always leave the store feeling like a new woman! Love Bee Waxed!

Kelli flynn

My skin has never felt cleaner! I love this product and what it is doing to help my skin!!

Samantha J.

I have been coming here for 30 + years. The ladies here are so humble and sweet. They help me with my beauty insecurities by educating me on skin, make-up and hair. I recommend this place to all who want a great service, friendly atmosphere, and professional, consistent services.


I love the bee scrubbed product, it leaves your face very soft!


I love brow tinting and how it fills in my brows. It dries quickly, which prevents smearing, and last a couple days. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.


I’m an older lady who needs to start taking better care of my skin. I got a Bee Firm facial from Bee Waxed and I think I look 20 years younger! Even my husband said so. I cannot thank them enough for the facial and I’ll return often to get it!


I LOVED the Bee Hydrated facial! My skin is so dry so I went into the salon and asked the wonderful ladies who work there what they think can help it! They told me to try the bee hydrated facial and it made such a huge difference to my skin. I’m able to apply makeup without it looking dry and patchy and it made my skin look so hydrated.


I have had terrible acne for the longest time. One of my friends told me that a product Bee Clean has been helping her face clear up! So I used some of hers and it helped my acne so much that I had to order some of my own and I cannot stop using it!


My sister and I have been coming here for years. I love all the ladies here. They work so hard to give us fast and quality service at an amazing price. I recently bought the BEE FRESH cleanser and used it to clean my face and shave.  Wow its pink and smells like fresh herbs but does it work. I will never buy shaving cream again because this is two in one.

Brooklyn Heights

I love it here. They are girls who work so hard to give us the perfect brows. They made BEE HYDRATED BOTTLES because their so busy they don’t even have time to drink H2O. At least that’s my theory. So, I purchased a bottle to support their cause on skin needs water. Glad I did because I carry it everywhere.

Lucy Dee Wild

Bee Waxed did such a wonderful job on my facial. They used one of their signature products called BEE CALM and it contains arnica. Arnica is a healer of broken capillaries and poor circulation. I purchased the product and as I left, asked the girl to give me the same facial appointment for next month, and she wrote in the BEE CALM FACIAL. Their products really work that they have a signature facial named after some of them.

Cecelia Hernendez

My chica got her ears pierced by the ladies here. She is five. I love them here and she is so happy. I come back for brow waxing.:)


I have been coming here since 1989. The girls were in the Summit Place Mall as I Natural Cosmetics. The moved to this location 17 years ago and became Bee Waxed Cosmetics. My late mother and sister use to come to them also. I love them as sisters and my brows always look manicured. My daughter comes now and I am blessed to have them as family.

Stephanie L.

I just got my Bee Clear Facial. Great job Keya. I loved your work and my skin looks so clean. I can’t wait to tell all my co-worked at Bedrock.e

Kendra W.

I had so many black heads. They looked nasty. So my boyfriend told me “get a facial, it’s on me”. He knows i love and trust the girls at Bee Waxed, so, he went and purchased a gift card. “Thanks Micheal”. I just got my BEE CLEAN facial and my nose looks clean, free of black heads, and my face is glowing. Funny, what we do when our boyfriends tells us.. LOL

LaTonya V.

I had my first micro dermabrasion treatment. It was called the Bee Scrubbed facial here at Bee Waxed. The technician did a great job and educated me on the proper before and after care skin care routine. I did not know that we need to scrub and mask two to three times a week and get a facial every 28 days for optimal skin. I booked my next 6 appointments and left with many goodies. A great gift ladies to your moms, daughters and friends.

Suzie T.

I am a blonde with very light eye lashes. I just tried the lash tint here at Bee Waxed and love it. The girls used a soft brown/black and it brought out my blue eyes. Thanks girls. Love it here!

Ann C.

My eyebrows are light in color with a hint of grey. I get my brows waxed and tweezed by Rula and asked her to darken them for me. She gave me options. Either purchase a eye brow powder, or a colored brow gel, or brow tinting, and finally micro blading. I chose the brow tint and get touched up every few weeks. Love it and love this place.

Carrie Talia

I tried the individual lashes while waiting for my eye brow number to come up. I love them. Jazmin did a great job on both. Thanks to Bee Waxed Cosmetics place I can look beautiful and get in and out.

Cameron Lee

I walked in on a Wednesday and got right in for a quick eye lash appointment. I just wanted some strips for the evening and Keya finished me in five minutes. They lasted an extra day and were so inexpensive. Great place for a quick brow or lash service.


I had my lashes done last week by Angelica and they turned out beautiful. She did a full mink extension and was thorough, timely, and affordable.  I recommend this professional salon to everyone.

David S.

I went into Bee Waxed with my wife and was impressed by the professionalism of the establishment. The girls were busy working on clients when one of them offered me a nose hair wax. I chuckled and said “No Way” yet somehow I sat in the chair and had my hair removed out of my nostrils. It wasn’t painful and I look cleaner. I actually breathe better. At checkout, I purchased a BEE HYDRATED bottle so I could fill it up with tap water. I now use it everyday and think of the girls while I am at work. It was a good idea to buy it because now, i drink more water while sitting at my desk and don’t buy the plastic bottled water anymore. Cheers to the girls at BEE WAXED.

Christina F.

In the past when I had Bikini waxes I use to itch and be red for days. I came to the salon Bee Waxed Cosmetics that was highly recommended by my girlfriend Tammy. She has been coming for years and introduced me to the owner Julie. Julie performed my wax and explained to me the importance of the BEE SUGARED scrub and the bikini brush to use before and after a wax treatment. Then Tammy told me try their trio kit. It helps with ingrown hairs, redness, itchiness, and inflammation. I bought it and I am hooked. I love all their products and services.

Trisha G.

I got my first Brazilian.  Oh my God!!!! Julie changed my life. I thought it would hurt so bad and guess what? It didn’t! Julie made me so comfortable that I go back every month.

Leisa K.

Keya consistently delivers amazing services. Her Lashes are perfect every time, eye brows are flawless, facials are invigorating. I love my visits with Keya at BEE WAXED!

Flower D

Jazmin gave me the best gift I could have ever asked for. I always had to curl my lashes, and now that I got the Keratin Lash Lift, my morning routine shortened. I have pretty long curled lashes now. Please go see her!!!


This is the holy grail. I never had lashes. Now i got long ones. Thanks to the girls at BEE WAXED COSMETICS. I look beautiful. Shout out to Revita Lash.

Yvette S.

I could never get my eyebrows to grow in. I always needed a little more on my left. Angelica at Bee Waxed gave me a sample of Revita Brow conditioner and after 8 weeks my hair is coming in. Thank you ladies @ Bee Waxed Cosmetics for knowing the art of all browology.

Heather Flore

I like Bee Polished because I have combo skin and its the perfect balance that keeps me oil free. My t-zone is normally shiny and since I have used this, it keeps my shine under control.

Liz Henderson

Bee Scrubbed and Bee Bright have become a staple in my weekly routine. I use them twice a week to exfoliate the dead skin, remove blackheads and clean out clogged pores. My skin looks nothing less than perfect.

Bethany Hampton

I always use BEE MASKED whenever I have a special occasion and want to brighten up my skin. It leaves my face looking supple, smooth and fresh. 5 star

Barney York

Bee Gentle has significantly improved the crows feet around my eyes while providing me nourishment and hydration. Products in the past have not given me the results they claimed they would. This one is a game changer.

Nella Porter

The Bee New Glycolic cream is working so well for me. I notice no flakes and dry skin. Any time I used Glycolic in the past, it left me flaky and dry, especially with my make up on. For some reason this one doesn’t. I suggest you all try it.

Tonya Leaman

Been coming here for years. Always trying new products. One that stands out is the Bee Radiant moisturizer. Very hydrating. Highly recommend.

Sanjina K

I love my Bee Protected moisturizer. I am not much of a sun lover but do believe we are exposed regularly to the harmful rays. I tried this sun protection cream and it works wonderfully without clogging my pores. A 5 star recommendation.

Dr Jenn.

I am in internal medicine doctor. I rarely have time to keep up with myself. I visit this salon every month and decided to step forward and book a facial. Rula was informative and educated me on skins necessary nutrients. I purchased a few skin care items and the one in which stood out for me was the Bee Nourished moisturizer. It contains vitamin b and you can literally smell the vitamin. Vitamin B aids in skin stress as well as the immune system. I find the philosophy of Bee Waxed Cosmetics skin care as a validated science based skin care line. It depicts the essential ingredients needed in the skin by using all natural organic ingredients. I will be recommending this to all who inquire.

Sandy Lowe

I have read that all skin needs vitamins.  I asked Jazmin if she had a product that could provide me with the essentials. She encouraged me to begin with one and it was the BEE VITAL serum. It is all vitamin c and is so moisturizing. I use it in the am and pm before my moisturizer and keep getting compliments on how radiant I look.  Love this all natural serum.

Rita Kallo

Rima told me about the Bee Restored toner.  I trust her because she has been with Bee Waxed for 20 years. I use it everyday after my cleanser and it is so refreshing and balances my normal skin. It contains aloe which soothes my redness and occasional flare ups.  A must try.  Thanks ladies!

Sean J.

I love Bee Waxed. They have expanded their skin care line which is all organic.  I sampled Bee Replenished after my eye brow wax and decided to take it home.  I made a good decision.  I love this product and went back to buy the bee nourished moisturizer.  These women are so honest and helpful.  I give them a 5 star!

Brittany J.

Bee Pure is a great toner. It works so well for my oily skin. It has salicylic acid and dries out my pimples. Totally recommend.


Bev R.

I started using Bee Rejuvenated a month ago.  My skin feels cleaner and looks richer.  I was told it helps clean excess dirt and has properties for anti-aging.  It truly does.  I am going to expand on this skin care line.

Micheal S.

I have had bad acne scars my whole life.  I finally tried a facial at Bee Waxed Cosmetics.  My first facial was helpful. Then the esthetician recommended a micro needling process to help restore collagen to my skin and heal my acne scars.  After my first treatment my skin looked so much better.  I scheduled my second appointment and can’t wait to see the results.

Raquel W.

I love the natural look of my eyebrows. I don’t need to use a fill in pencil. Having my eyebrows micro bladed was a simple process using semi-permanent ink. I look forward to my 6 week touch up. I highly recommend Mariann at Bee Waxed Cosmetics.

Mary B.

Bee Fresh cleanser is pink, fluffy and creamy.  It has worked so well on my skin without drying me out.  It leaves me so clean.  i love this product. A must use daily.

Lisa Maire K.

I love the Bee Clean cleanser.  It is the perfect texture for spreading onto your face and leaves no residue.  When I wipe my face after and use the cotton pad with the astringent there is no dirt.  I highly recommend this cleanser to everyone with oily and problematic skin. Thank you Bee Waxed Cosmetics for introducing me to my new skin care.


Kenosha Powell

I have been going to Bee Waxed Cosmetics for over 20 years and I love them. They have always got my wax together and I have never had a bad wax. Thank you all, love you.


I’ve been coming to Bee Waxed for almost ten years. I love their services and products! I started out just using them for my waxing needs but have recently started using their skin care services and products. I can’t recommend them enough!! I’ve been asked if I had “work done”! That’s makes this 52 year old VERY happy!


I purchased Bee Clear for my daughter. She loves it! It cleared up her skin quickly. I would highly recommend it.


And Marie rydesky

It took away my son’s baby eczema when nothing else worked. It was safe and gentle enough to use on his baby skin and it cleared it right up.


First of all I use this product everyday on my face. I also use it for any flare ups because I have an auto-immune disease I don’t leave home without it! I went to Florida for a vacation and realized I had burned the skin of my upper thigh, knees and feet after I used everything and nothing worked! I remembered by Bee Cool it gave me immediate relief from the inflamed red irritated skin and began healing. I LOVE this product!


I absolutely LOVE BeeWaxed and their products. My favorite is their BeeClear. I use it twice a day after washing my face in the morning and before bed. I also use it on other parts of my body and it has helped to clear up my cystic acne significantly. I will never stop using this product!!!

Mary Thompson

I have been coming here since high school, the ladies are like family and I won’t go anywhere else!! The service is amazing and their products are awesome!! I recommend them 110%!!!

Amelia O

I love this place. My mom brought me here since I was very young and I’ve been coming ever since. Customer for life.

Jodi M.

Love Bee Waxed! Excellent service!

Rebecca E

Been a loyal customer since I was 14… the absolute best when it comes to eyebrow waxing

Allison S

Excellent work! Have been coming here for years and won’t go anywhere else but Bee Waxed.

Retina Thomas

Great service, very friendly atmosphere

Angela Powell

I have been coming to this place over a decade and pondered on getting products…but it was the best thing I could of did… my skin is clear and feels so much cleaner than before and I appreciate you all for it!!!

Patricia D

Bee Waxed is great on more than just brows, they are very knowledgeable in skin care. Just purchased their volcanic mud masque, have not used yet.  i love the entire staff.

Cindy D’Amore

This is the place to go! Any of the girls do an amazing job! Super personable and fun to talk to. My 2 girls go here as well! Anything you want done, they can do! I would give them 10 stars but only 5 in here. 🙂
Many thanks to the gals! ❤

Meri Bishop

Loved bee waxed!! Made my brows look very natural and age appropriate. Definitely recommend!!


Bee cool helps relieve redness after being waxed!! I love this product i own it myself 😊

Anastasia Kennebrew

I love coming here. Everyone is professional and provides such high quality service. Coming here is like coming to hang with my girlfriends. I always feel like a million bucks when I leave. I LOVE BEE WAXED COSMETICS!!
Staci Kennebrew:)

Quantina K

I’ve been coming here since 2003. I love the job they do with eyebrow waxing. My eyebrows have been completely screwed up by other places and I can always count on them correcting the work and doing a awesome job! I love the atmosphere and the ladies that work there!

Isabelle F.

Love love love Bee Waxed! I’ve been coming to get my eyebrows done here for 16 years!! I never go anywhere else! I enjoy coming into the salon!!! I will continue to rave about Bee Waxed!!!!


Ladies, I just purchased the mint souffle and the aloe cucumber pore cleanser and let me tell you I am in LOVE! The products are wonderful and affordable. My face feels so light and fresh and I’m gluten free so I have to use certain products. 5 stars for me!


Been coming here for years! Love everyone! Best place in Michigan for waxing!


I have been coming to Bee Waxed for more 10+ years! They have always given my sisters and I the best services at a great price. I will continue to patronize this place for as long as they’re here. They have the best waxing and skin care products you’ll find in metro Detroit!

Lauren Davis

I’ve been coming to Beewaxed for YEARS!! I’m so happy with my eyebrows and I always receive wonderful comments on them! Thanks girls for most recently getting me all the way together!

Rubi gallardo

Only place I trust. Won’t go anywhere else and I get the best was every time. No matter who does it, I feel good.

Erin Harris

I won’t go anywhere else to get my eyebrows done. The ladies are amazing.

Vanessa Whiters

The waxing service that I receive from Bee Waxed is exceptional! I get my brows and a Brazilian wax. I love the way it feels. If you have never experienced a Brazilian, you need to try it ASAP.


I received my first brizillan wax from Julie and she was amazing. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I was very satisfied with her work and purchased some products. The products was amazing as well. I will definitely be back again and again.

Amber K

I’ve been getting Brazilian waxes every month here for a few years now and I’ll never go anywhere else! A few times I’ve gotten a groupon to save money and I regretted it. A wax is something you don’t want to mess around with in such a sensitive area, and the ladies take great care of me, they are quick and make the process fun and less painful. They’re aftercare products are needed if you want the best results! If you want the best definetly go here. I’ve been so many places, I’ve been waxing for at least 5 years and it’s by far my favorite.


I love this place…all of the ladies are awesome!!! 😊 There very precise with their work, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Maggy Zidar

More than ten years ago, I walked into Bee Waxed for the first time and was immediately impressed by the efficiency, expertise, and charm of the establishment. There are very few places that service walk ins as quickly and skillfully as Bee Waxed. The staff cares about clients, and conversations flow to create a pleasant camaraderie. I love going to Bee Waxed every three weeks.

Kristy Kopicko

Bee waxed is the only place I will go to get my eye brows waxed! I have never had a bad experience here and the ladies are absolutely wonderful! Highly recommended!

Chelsea M

I’ve been coming here for over 3 years and getting my eyebrows waxed, all the ladies are super friendly and also recommending new products that have really helped.


Bee waxed is a great place for your waxing needs. It’s their specialty so they know how to handle shaping. Rima is not only beautiful but highly skilled at taming my unruly brows. And they always remember since my first visit!

Sandra Morelli

The bee calm has helped remove dark spots and blemish scars around my temples. They faded away in a matter of 2 weeks! I also use the BeCool as my daily face moisturizer! Beewaxed Rocks!
– Sandra M

Maria Lopez

I love how everyone is so friendly and ask you what you what before they do anything. It is also nice that they show you new products all the time and you do not feel force to buy them. I enjoy getting my eyebrows done here and I will continue to go.

Heather E

This is the only place I trust with my eyebrows. They always do a terrific job! It doesn’t matter who does the waxing, everyone is consistently fabulous!


I have been coming here for at least 20 years. Great Customer service amazing professionalism always! friendly conversations it’s like going to the barbershop for ladies. i always walk out satisfied

Gina Perry

Love, love, love this place! The ladies are amazing at what they do and it is so affordable. It’s convenient, quick and professional!!!

Tonya Ankley

Absolutely LOVE this place , great service everytime no matter who is doing my brows . I can count on walking out of there knowing my brows are always done right !

Trina Temple

I absolutely love this place!! I have been coming here for over ten years and each of the ladies here are awesome!! The atmosphere is so welcoming and fun while the service is impeccable and the ladies are professional. I recommend Beewaxed to my friends every chance that I get!!

Tonya R

Since I was 17 I have been a customer. Started at Summit Place Mall in Pontiac. They always have treated me like family. And they manage to keep being great at what they do. I live in Dallas, Tx and I travel almost monthly to be serviced. Wouldnt trust any other place.That’s family!

Anna G.

Kia did my lashes today and all I can say is WOW!!! My eyelashes are perfect if you haven’t been in her chair you need to get there. I will never go anywhere else.


I have sensitive skin that is easily irritated. After I get waxed I use the bee relieved and the redness begins to fade, instantly I feel the relief of burning and swelling. I have been coming here for 32 years and I will not go anywhere else.

Monica Perez

I have coming here for over 10 years and they are the only ones I trust with my eybrows! Great clean service! I have moved far and I still come over here! I will continue to come!

Ms. Price

I stopped in to get my lashes done and to my surprise the lash tech does eyebrows as well and she is awesome just like the rest of the girls. So now my lashes and eyebrows are on fleek!!!

Jen M

I have been going to Bee Waxed to get my eyebrows waxed for over 10 years now! I will not go anywhere else to get them done. They come out perfect every time. They are hands down the best place to get your waxing needs done! The ladies here are friendly, professional, fast, and just perfect at what they do! Come try them out if you have not yet, you won’t be disappointed.


Been going to Bee Waxed to get my eyebrows done for years,wouldn’t go anywhere else!!

Jenny ortiz

Love my girls here!

Ray Shelton

I have acne and have spots on and blemishes and for the last two months I’ve been using Bee Clear and helps clears my blemishes and spots.


I have been a customer of Bee Waxed since 1988 and always welcomed in with nothing but kindness and love. The ladies all are good at what they do and I only tell people to only go to Bee Waxed for services. I feel like family, Bee Waxed is THE BEST

Kiara M

I love Bee Waxed and have been going there since I was in high school. I would never TRUST any other wax company other than Bee Waxed. They make sure your visit is pleasant and relaxing. The waxing services speak for themselves. I get the some of the more personal waxing services such as the Brazilian, and underarm along with my eyebrows. And all my services are virtually pain free. They are fast, professional, and very very very sanitary. Wouldn’t trade these ladies for the world. They are all amazing.


I wouldn’t let anyone else near my brows! For over 18 years I’ve been coming to Bee Waxed 🐝 their customer service is great and my brows are always on point thanks to their skilled staff. I’ve been using their skincare products Bee Calm and Bee Scrubbed and ❤️ them. Highly recommend!


Love love love everything about this place!

Laurie Horvath

I love Bee Waxed. Been coming here for 20+ years through all stages of my life. Love the experience and now so great to bring my daughters. Everyone is wonderful, warm and friendly. The Best!


I have been going to sandy and Julie since before they were Bee Waxed. I love their services and I am always happy with whoever does my eyebrows. My daughter has also started to come here. The walk in services are perfect and I never have to wait very long! The prices are also extremely competitive!! Great environment. Love Bee Waxed!!!!

Bianca jerome

Always a good job done. No complaints

Jackie McDonald

I love BeeWaxed. Been coming for over 15 years. Love the technicians. Always recommend this business. ***** Star for Real. I’ll continue to pray for the continued success of this place. I called Blessed!!!!!

Dominique Brown

I’ve been coming here since I was 12 years old. I love the environment here and how everyone remembers you and greets you with love. I’m 23 now and I will never go anywhere else.

Dede Moody

I have been going to the great place in Pontiac for about 4 years. Waxing, facial and love their products. I am 89 and skin needs all the help it can get. And it’s right here at Bee Waxed. Try it, you have nothing to lose; everyone from Julie, to Aida to Sandy and the remainder fo the staff are more than friendly, more as extended family. And Jason is a dear.

Mary T.

I have been going here for years, and I will never go anywhere else for my waxing needs! The ladies have become an extension of family, they make you feel so comfortable!! I love the Bee Sugared as well!!


I love Bee Waxed! The only place I trust with my eyebrows!! They are so friendly and nice. Always a pleasure getting serviced.


I’ve been going to BWC since 2002. I’ve moved from the area and still make the drive. BEST wax in Oakland County and around! Love my BWC ladies! <3

Stacy Locher

Best eyebrow wax I’ve ever gotten and I also got an added bonus of learning how to shape and care for my eyebrows!
Highly recommend!


I absolutely love this place! Everyone always does such an amazing job, and gets my brows just how I like them. Also, such a fun and welcoming atmosphere

Mia Contreras

Best Service Ever!!! Always Friendly!!! Best Eyebrows In Michigan!!!


I’ve been coming here for a few years now and I absolutley love the ladies here. They make me feel very welcomed. I will not let anyone or any other place touch my eyebrows. Anytime anyone has any reccommendations this place hands down is my first and only response.

Maria flores

Rima is always awesome

Kristen C.

Love!! I have been coming since I was about 14 I’m now 23. Never been disappointed. I stopped for awhile and switched to threading but the other people were chopping off my length and width. Came back to Bee Waxed and my brows are better than ever!


Wax services are fantastic! The ladies are personable, professional, and fun. They make me look fabulous!


I have been getting my waxing done since 1997 (3 locations ago) from these wonderful ladies. Even when I lived out of state for two years, I would include Bee Waxed on my visit. They do a perfect job, everytime. I would not go anywhere else. They are always nice and friendly, but even if they weren’t I would still go here because they are so good!!


I have been coming here for my eyebrow wax regularly, for over 10 years! I trust these girls so much, if I get too busy to make it in I would rather let them grow out like crazy, than let anyone else touch them. Every time I come I always enter a fun and welcoming atmosphere, and leave feeling amazing, nonstop staring at my brows! <3

Cindy Engle

Great team of women! I have gone here for years for my brows and never been dissatisfied! They work with you and your skin type. I break out after waxing so they are able to use a different technique to prevent this.


Julie & the entire staff at Bee Waxed are fabulous. I regularly get my brows and Brazilian wax done. Everything is clean and comfortable. Honestly, you forget why you’re there in the first place. The products that I’ve purchased there have been some of the best I’ve ever used. My brows are always impeccably done and efficiently. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Alexis Paquin

I’ve been coming here for 5 years and wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else! Best place around town! Rima is the best!


My whole family and I always go to Bee Waxed for our waxing needs! The ladies are all so wonderful and they do the best waxing!

Amy R.

I cannot say enough great things about Bee Waxed! All the ladies are so kind and fun. The experience you get is by far the best I’ve ever had when it comes to waxing! My only complaint is that I did not discover them sooner!


I have been coming here for years for an eyebrow waxing. It’s the best place I have ever been to. The ladies there are fabulous, quick, and extremely talented. I won’t go anywhere else, I highly recommend!


The best thing about Bee Waxed is the atmosphere and the cultivated women. I use to go to another chain facility and after 1 visit here almost 10 years ago, I’ve never left. The Brazilian is the most cleanest and through I’ve ever had. Front to back is included in the service ladies!! My brows are so snatched they look drawn on. No matter how far I’ve moved, I’ve always taken this trip. Nothing but smiles, happiness, laughter, and an awesome waxing experience. Highly recommended


I have been coming to this establishment since I was 13 and it’s the only place I trust with my eyebrows now that I am. 29. You will never find a place like this. Warm and welcoming.

Jaleesa cooper

I’ve been coming for a short time but I love it. My eyes are always right! Thanks


I have been coming here for 15 years and they are great!! The service is incredible I always leave here feeling so beautiful and happy! Bee waxed treats me just like family!! Love you all!

Naomi H.

I used to come here a long time ago until I moved away, and life became very busy. Now that everything has calmed down I decided to drop in for a waxing, and boy what a surprise. They are still the best around, and definitely worth my 30 minute drive. I’ll definitely be back!!!

Danielle Armstrong

So, I love thes ladies. They’re amazing, funny, talented and literally the best in the business! Upon waiting for my amazing wax, my husband calls me, asking where I was. Little did he know, i left the house to get my brows done. Totally worth it. I love these ladies and you will too


I love this place it is soooooo clean


Love the atmosphere and the great customer service. Julie and the girls are the best!

Nicole Rolle

I had a facial done last week…. Oh my god it felt good and the product is amazing! I love Beewaxed!!!


Rima is the best!!!


The ladies at Bee Waxed are so much fun and make sure you walk out of here looking great 🙂

Erica neitzer

Been coming to Bee Waxed for a couple years, they hands down do the best job for eyebrow waxing! Doesn’t matter who you get, they all do a great job! Highly recommend!


Amazing services, always looking and feeling good when I leave


I come for Brazilian waxes. Julie is the best! She makes you comfortable and talks to you so that you’re pretty much distracted. She has a great personality and she’s really funny.

I highly recommend Bee Waxed. All of the ladies here are great! What do you have to lose besides that hair you want removed anyway. Stop by and give them a try. I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Megan drummond

This product has helped my complexion beyomd words. I can definitely notice a difference when I run out and am not using it. Clears up my face overnight.


I highly recommend Bee Waxed. Great products, friendly staff and fun atmosphere. 💜🐝


I love my Brazilian and other waxing services! Julie makes the service comfortable and quick!
I recommend Bee Waxed to all ladies needing brow, bikini or Brazilian wax services! 😍👌🏿

Maria Rivera

I love my facial and I will most definitely comeback. Thank you Rula!!!!


Best brow wax ever, highly recommend

Tiffany Cavill

I love using Bee Sugared. It gets rid of all my dry skin on my face and around my nose. It leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed!! It smells amazing too!!

Tanya Hubbard

I have been coming here for the last 8 years. The ladies are not only professional and knowledgeable but also nice as well. I would recommend them to everyone who wants to look their best.

Tiffany Quintanilla

I have been coming here for years. Probably about 5. When I lived in Grand Blanc, Royal Oak, and now Clarkston. I won’t go anywhere else. I feel very comfortable here. I can always get an appointment that works for me, and if I can’t they always try to find one for me or call me when I can come in earlier than I’m scheduled. I’ve really gotten to know these ladies, and I don’t just like them, they have become friends. I feel like I’m walking into a group of my girlfriends. I know it may seem weird to say you enjoy getting waxed, but I laugh so hard with the girls, it makes it much easier! This place is great, good company, and great service! I won’t get anywhere else!


I would highly recommend this business! The staff is friendly and that makes for a warm and inviting atmosphere, they have a sense of humor too! The staff is very knowledgeable and also does make-up application, ear piercing and offers an excellent line of skin care projects called BEE WAXED COSMETICS (BWC). Definitely worth the drive for all services provided!

Sofia Ishaq

Best eyebrow place ever! Highly recommended this place. Extremely nice staff and great customer service. I drive 25 miles every two weeks from Northville to Pontiac to come to this hidden brow place, don’t let the location fool you, its clean, professional, and safe.


I have been coming to Bee waxed Cosmetics for years and I love the service I received here. My
Eyebrows always look good. I always leave here happy.

Thelma welleons

I love it here I will be back

Tiffany shelton

Very good work. Very warm environment and friendly faces.


Love this place I have been a client for close to 20 years I have never gone anywhere else and I never will. I love these ladies.


I’ve been coming to Bee Waxed for 2 years and I love it here and I love Rima.


My eyebrows always look great. Would never go anywhere else but Bee Waxed Cosmetics.

Jenell Richards

Bee Relieved has been a hero for me when it comes to post wax, dry skin, after sun care. So glad I purchased this product and would recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin that needs a little extra moisture and healing!

Michelle Vazquez

I’ve been coming here since 2016 and best change I’ve done. The girls here are so nice, it’s fun to come here. I 100% recommend this place, love all the services. Keep the great service! Love you guys


I love Bee waxed! This will be my 10th year getting eyebrow services with the professional and friendly staff. I also just recently purchased some of the special formulated and natural facial B products. I’m always impressed.

Kendra Denisio

I have suffered from cystic acne on and off my whole adult life. I have spent so much waisted time and money on different medicines and products with only fair results. When Sandy and Julie told me about the new product line I was of course more than slightly skeptical if it would work or make that big of a difference. I was given a small trial size and couldn’t believe the difference I started to notice week one, but week two I knew that this would be something that would be a must have in my skin care regime. I have been with this business and these wonderful ladies since their days at Summit Place mall and have basically followed them ever since. I now stay out in RO but it’s well worth the drive to come see some of the best of the best in the greater Metro Detroit Area.


Bee Waxed is the BEST in the business! I am always satisfied with any product or service that I received. The staff are professional, knowledgable, friendly and fun!

Quelynn Talley

I love the environment with the ladies here. They keep me laughing. Best place around for waxing!!!!aaa

Jamilla Y

I love Bee Calm! It instantly reduces redness on my face. I keep it in my purse due to my travels. I recommend for anyone who flies a lot and needs improvement for stressed skin.

Tim B

My husband loves Bee Cool for his bald head. It helps with post shave irritation without making his head oily. He uses it every day and recommends it to all his friends.

Jeanie J

Bee Relieved is a must. I carry it with me everywhere. It helps with my hives and eczema. So glad I have this instead of Benedryl because it is all natural.

Zena B

Bee Scrubbed is a product that helps with my hyperpigmentation. It is helping control my breakouts. Love it.

Jamie L

Bee Scrubbed brightens my complexion. I use it multiple times a week. I like the consistency. It is a staple in my shower.

Roberta Z

I am using Bee Calm and love it. The circles under my eyes are reduced significantly. I highly recommend this to all with dark circles.

Jazmond J

Bee Clear helps with oil. I have really oily” skin and it stopped me from breaking out.

Nicole Russell

Bee Cool is a great product! It is a must have! It works wonders for my skin!

Alicia Turner

Bee Cool is a great moisturizer! I use it every day and I will never use anything else.

Brandy O.

I purchased Bee Scrubbed and used it twice a week and it makes my skin soft, no itching, I am more even, and clearing up. I see results. It lasts a long time and you do not have to use a lot.

Hollie S.

Bee Calm and Bee Cool is what I use. Bee Calm has diminished my broken capillaries around my nose and my eyes in only a few short weeks! Bee Cool got rid of the inflammation, blemish, and redness in 2 applications and also helped to heal my ingrown hair. Please continue to make these products, I can’t live without them!

Stephanie C

Bee Calm is amazing! I can’t leave the house without putting it on. It quickly takes away any redness I have and helps it all day!

Lucy B

Bee Sugared is absolutely amazing! I’ve used it for 4 weeks and I’ve noticed lighter and smoother skin. I’ve also used it on my face and my complexion is vibrant!


Purchased BWC Scrubbed, Sugared, Calm and Clear products and they have done an exceptional job of ridding my skin of the blemishes. Thank you the Bee Waxed for adding this.

Ray B.

I used Bee Scrubbed and Bee Clear and it works wonderful on acne and razor bumps!

Lilia Alvarado

I have been using Bee Calm and Bee Relieved and after about 2 weeks my skin feels and looks better. The breakouts, red bumps, and irritation has greatly reduced.


I have use the Bee Cool and it works great. I have dark circles under my eyes and after one application I did notice a difference. I would highly recommend this product.


Love the Bee Calm serum. A little goes a long way. I suffer with eczema that leaves my skin dry, red, and irritated. After applying “Bee Calm” my skin instantly became relieved. My skin became clear and very smooth. Love, Love, Love it!

Carolina Sanchez 9/28/2017

My experience using Bee Waxed Cosmetics, Bee Clear was amazing. Being a cosmetologist I’m always looking for new products to try. Using the Bee Clear got me the results I was looking for. Thank you, Bee Waxed Cosmetics.

Sharise Calhoun 9/21/2017

Bee Sugared scrub is amazing. I have been using it for two months and I have noticed my skin tone evening out. Especially, underneath my arms. Get the scrub you won’t be disappointed!

Nikole Fisher 9/30/2017

Bee Sugared & Bikini Brush,” “I’ve been using Bee Sugared with a bikini brush for 3 months now. Before I used to get red bumps and ingrown hairs when I shaved or waxed my bikini, now I’ve been completely clear of all bumps and ingrown hairs. Also, Bee Sugared scrub has helped in hydrating my skin, which has made waxing much easier on my skin and less painful. My boyfriend also uses the Bee Sugared scrub on his beard and rarely cuts himself while shaving anymore because he is much more hydrated. He no longer gets ingrown hairs either. Bee Sugared is a staple in our household! Highly recommended!

Nicole U. R.N., Waterford, 9/19/2017

Bee Sugared body scrub is the best product ever for sensitive skin before & after shaving. I used to break out after shaving on the back of my legs and after using Bee Sugared I had a summer free of red bumpy legs!!!


Bee Relieved really works for eczema! Wonderful product!


Bee Cool works great! Takes away redness quick!

Raquel Q

Bee Sugared makes my skin so smooth and soft. I use it twice a week and everyone always comments about my skin and what product I use.


My shape is always beautiful and the service is consistent, quick and professional.

No Name

Great work, Love the Service, Have been coming for 4 years now.

Josie Byrn

Bee Waxed is awesome. The best customer service and the best eyebrow arch in the world.

Willie T

The service I receive at Bee Waxed is beyond great. I have been a customer since Sun Tan Hut. I don’t trust anyone else with my brows. If you want great customer service and beautiful brows visit today.


In 8th grade I went to get my eyebrows done at a nail shop (bad idea). I did not have any brows what so ever! I was referred to Bee Waxed by a friend and they helped me grow my brows back. I am so thankful for those ladies. I wouldn’t dare go anywhere else now!

Bianca Z

My face is so clean after my Bee Clean Facial. Rula is very thorough!

Natalie S

My lashes always look so natural. Keya is phenomenal at extensions.

Long Standing Client

Aida is always prompt, professional, and accurate! Love my brows. Thank you!

Your Faithful Client

Rima does an amazing work. Love her!

The Long distance driver

I have been a loyal customer for 20 years! I drive over 30 minutes, only for the best!

Rita, from South Carolina

My absolute favorite place to my eyebrows waxed. At least once a month I fly in from South Carolina, I literally will let no one else touch them.

Your loyal client

Julie is awesome, great waxer, no pain! Always gets me in and takes great care of me!


I’ve tried to move away twice. LOL.

Sasha Thompson

I always get hives after waxing. Bee Waxed created an amazing product called Bee Relieved. It took away my hives and redness. Thank you girl’s!


This is the longest relationship of my life! 22 Years!!

Nicole M

I had a relaxing time having a facial by Rula. My skin was in bad shape. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and family.


Best place to get beautified!!


Tinting is life – I love it!

Angela P

I used to go threading and every time I went there they got thinner each time and then when I went to Bee Waxed they helped grow them in and kept them perfect every time.

Lisa R

Always fantastic and consistent results! Awesome Place!


Best place to get your waxing done! Only place I trust to get my eyebrows done. Very dependable and professional!


Rima is the best at waxing my brows! Great Place!

Nicole S

Bee Waxed is the best in the state! Everyone is so sweet. I have been coming here for years, no other place like this!

Trina T

This is the best place ever! They are personable and professional. I have referred my friends and they love it. Julie and Aida are the best!!!

Danita Dixon

Always professional, yet personable quality service provided. Awesome waxing services.

Lana Elia

I absolutely love coming to Bee Waxed! It’s an amazing atmosphere and I love the entire staff.
They make you look and feel beautiful. No matter what service you get, you feel and look amazing. Thank you to everyone at Bee Waxed for everything you do for your clients.


Been coming in for years, will be coming in for years to come!

Destiny L

Love you ladies! Perfect brows every time.


The ladies @Bee Waxed are the best.

Love Christy R

I have been coming to Bee Waxed for 20 years and this is by far the best wax experience I have EVER had and I loved everyone here!

Ms. Candie

I was in Ulta, I was getting my eyebrows filled in, I would not let Ulta wax my eyebrows. I was too scared. The young lady sent me to Bee Waxed to get done and she said don’t be scared, they will not do you wrong!

Jen Corr Seoul Rolls

I have been coming to Bee Waxed for over 15 years, the staff have become like family…. Very positive and energetic. Services are great!! Much love.

Jacqueline M Thomas

Bee Waxed is a rare jewel among beauty providers. Julie Borg is the most competent and personable salon owners I know. She runs a tight ship making sure that each customer has her or his needs met by the other wonderful people working with her. She is wise beyond her years with the best advice and her caring has no bounds.

Erin Mileski

The girls are amazing at doing eyes and everything!! Been going to them for over 20 years!!

Tamar Stevenson

I absolutely love Bee Waxed! The girls are the best, always friendly and the service is excellent.

Loyal Wax Client

Love Bee Waxed have been coming here for over 20 years, now with my daughters. They are the best and will never go anywhere else.

Shelby Strong

Love it, Love it, always perfect!

Anita Darkes

It has been over 2 years since I’ve been coming here. I am a highly satisfied customer.


Been coming here for years! Love you girls!”

C. Thomas

I have been coming to this place for at least 20 years. I went somewhere for a year or so – WRONG MOVE- Love the service and atmosphere. Great job guys!!!


I love how clean, friendly everything and everyone is!


Greatest place ever. Just wish you would move closer to me.

Jasmine Cheek

Would never go anywhere else! Always friendly environment. Never disappointed with my eyebrows. #Bee Waxed #Beauty

Deneen Butler

The shop has so many memories I have been coming to them for over 20 years, before they moved on Telegraph. Always professional, nice smiles and gets the job done!

Kiara Sims

The ladies in the Pontiac Branch are GREAT! Everyone is so friendly. The place is such a warm environment to be in! Love it here! I will never go anywhere else!


Every time I come here I get the best service. I take all of their advice because they know what’s best for your skin and skincare!

Jasmine A

Bee Waxed is the only place I’ve gone to for years, they do my brows perfectly. Rima does an excellent job and I completely trust her with my brows!

Annie S

Amazing people and service!

Twila L.

Love this place they always come thru!

Taneity K

The ladies at Bee Waxed are awesome, patient and a joy to be serviced by! Great job girls!


I won’t go anywhere else for my brows! Love the ladies here!

Melissa R

Bee Waxed has wonderful services. I have been coming monthly for my waxing and never looked back. Thanks for everything.

Jackie Z

Wonderful customer service and made my eyebrows perfect!

Wanda M.

To the awesome ladies at Bee Waxed. You all are wonderful people. I love you all, I love the fun, the laughter, you all are just a delight to be around and I just enjoy coming in here to get my eyebrows done. So, I say thank you, thank you. Keep up the good work. Much Love.

Tasha Carter

Love my eyebrows. They do such a good job.

Dominique B

You guys are the best.

Heather G

Rima is amazing! She can fix the worst of eyebrows and make them look gorgeous!

Ashley C

Love it here! Only place I’ve let touch my eyebrows for the last 9 years!


You are amazing! I’ve been coming here for 7 years. I won’t go anywhere else. Love you ladies.


Best place ever. I’ve been coming for years and always been completely satisfied. All the women that work here are very personable. It’s like being at home with the family.

Mary Lou Aden

Have been coming here for about 8 years. Always find the salon clean and neat. Employees always friendly, prompt & great!

Beth Guerrero

I have been coming here since I was 16 and I’m now 34. I will not go anywhere else.

Amber Hoard

I’ve been coming for 2 years and have never been disappointed! They have helped me grow and shape my eyebrows. They do great every time!

Jill J

Love the staff at Bee Waxed, they are fun, friendly and professional. Always a wonderful experience here!

Jessica B

My eyebrows always come out absolutely perfect. I don’t trust them to any other hands.

Kate Scully

Worth going out of your way- Great Service!


Fun group of people to be around and are also very professional. Never a dull moment. Love it!