As mothers and lovers of skincare, sisters Sandy and Julie realized that many of their skincare products were filled with ineffective toxins and chemicals. With some research, they came to find that many of the ingredients caused side effects and were very damaging to the skin in the long run. Sandy and Julie sought to develop alternatives for men and women of all ages that are designed only with all-natural, organic ingredients.

Committed to producing the most luxurious, highest quality products, Sandy and Julie used their 32 years of experience in the business world to educate themselves on skincare. Bee Waxed Cosmetics begins with the earth, picking the finest raw ingredients to transform into everyday products. These sisters built Bee Waxed Cosmetics around the idea of humility. They truly care about their clients, designing their service as a one-on-one experience. This is to make sure that every individual feel like family and has effective products customized to their specific needs. Their most important goal is to practice thorough, honest, and caring service.

We believe in giving back. That is why we stay involved and return our service to the community in any way we can.

Sandy Salah sarafa & Julie Salah Borg